Monday, 18 September 2017

Safe Walking with Constable Harwood

Constable Harwood came into talk to us about being safe when we are crossing the road. He told us that we need to look everywhere, look up and down, look behind as well. Do not just look left and right. Constable Harwood told us that lots of people use their phones to talk on or to text when they are driving so they are not paying attention. Do not think that cars will always stop when you are crossing at a pedestrian crossing. Keep looking everywhere when you are crossing the road. If you ever see white lights at the back of a car it means that the car is going to reverse so get out of the way. Watch out for sneaky driveways. We can hear an engine. We could hear crunching tyres. We can see the tyres moving.  If it is cold we might see the exhaust. We would see an adult in the drivers seat. If we are walking we go do not balance on the kerb or play on the road.

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